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A Manifesto for the Christian Church

On July 4, 1986 at a Solemn Assembly in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., and during a three-day Coalition on Revival Congress on the Christian Worldview, 60 of COR's national Steering Committee members and another 400 Christian leaders from a broad spectrum of theological viewpoints signed a Manifesto for the Christian Church.

The focus of the first portion of the Manifesto is repentance by the Church for not being the "salt and light" it should have been and for allowing the forces of darkness, by default, to replace the Christian roots of our nation with secularized relativism and disintegration. The Manifesto states where the signers believe the Church must stand and what action it must take at this point in history to fulfill the Great Commission. The signers are convinced that no revival or reformation of the Church or society, of any depth or longevity, can happen until the leadership of the Body of Christ commits itself to living and teaching the kind of Biblical Christianity called for by this Manifesto

Their hope is that pastors and Christian leaders in every major metropolitan area will call their people to a local Solemn Assembly for repentance and rededication to the Christian task wherein the Manifesto can be read publicly and the local Body of Christ can begin mobilizing itself into a united team of courageous, world-changing, servants of Christ. May it be used by God as a trumpet call to help awaken, unify, and mobilize the Body of Christ to accomplish all Christ demands of us at this critical point in history.

Read the full text of the Manifesto for the Christian Church.


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