The National Solemn Assembly Committee

The National Solemn Assembly Committee
P.O. Box 1139 • Murphys, CA 95247


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A Call to National Repentance and Action

"Historically, unheeded remedial judgments have turned into final judgments. America, as a nation, is ripe for destruction." — Dr. Richard Owen Roberts (from The Solemn Assembly)


To encourage and exhort the whole Body of Christ in America to hold Solemn Assemblies in every city and town over the following three years in order to ask God to stay or modify His hand of divine judgment upon us, which we so richly deserve, and
To publicly repent for our disobedience and self-centeredness in not being the proper “salt and light” to our culture, and thus allowing our nation, by default, to turn away from the God of our Founding Fathers in philosophical blindness and moral decay, to such an extent that we are now experiencing God’s remedial judgment and are in danger of His massive, devastating judgment upon America, such as He brought upon Jerusalem in 587 B.C. and A.D. 70.


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